Customer satisfaction: It is the quality of our services which decide on the future of our enterprises.
So our uppermost aim-> is contented customers.
We fulfil their needs and standards with the perfect services in time which are rendered reliably and after your default

Our employees are an important instrument of our enterprise which fulfil their duties with high commitment. Quality must be generated in every job and from every employee. All employees are developed by careful training and advanced training constantly.

Fair action: We think highly of an open and co-operative relation to customers and suppliers. With the procurement we assess suppliers in addition to their loyalty of delivery and high-class ability also by ecological points of view and prefer environment-conscious enterprises

Constant improvement: By systematic investigation of our processes and expiries we reach a constant improvement concerning productiveness terms of employment and environmental compatibility to the advantage of our customers and employees.


Logo_German Cert-Klein

We are certificated.

We have ourselves with it to the high-class management system after German Institute for Standardization EN ISO in 9001: In 2008 conformist.

The lending of the certificate is a stimulus for us that we feel obliged also in future of the satisfaction of our customers.

Manager Hagen Seefried:

This certification guarantees a high transparency in the whole chain of delivery, from the production process up to the customer and a continuous improvement process.

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